Exposition Art Blog: Sydney Ball - Australian Abstract Expressionism

Sydney Ball - Australian Abstract Expressionism

Sydney Ball ( 1933 – 2017) was an Australian abstract painter. He has been called ‘one of Australia’s leading colour abstract painters. He has also been credited with bringing large scale abstract expressionist paintings, or Color Field paintings, to Australia.
Sydney Ball was born in 1933 in Adelaide, South Australia. In 1962, Ball moved to New York and enrolled at the Art Students League of New York.Ball returned to Australia in 1965 helping to bring abstract techniques to the attention of Australian artists.He lived and worked in Glenorie, New South Wales in his later years.Abstract expressionism was taken up enthusiastically by many Sydney painters in the 1960s. His contemporaries such as John Olsen, Erica McGilghrist and Leonard Hessing and the older Sam Atyeo were equally abstract but influenced by Dutch post-war avant garde and earlier Russian abstract painting, whereas Ball was one of the first Australian artists of his generation, similar to Yvonne Audette and John Vickery to take an interest in American art over European art.Wikipedia


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