Exposition Art Blog: Karim Loberg

Karim Loberg

"My works are mainly inspired by dreams 
and are attempts at portraying parts of the self."(Karim Loberg)

My contact information is:
E-mail: Jakalohamoja@outlook.com 

Telephone: 004551880615

Facebook / Instagram

"Uso" acrylics on 120x100 cm canvas: 3650,- USD

"Uzito" acrylics on 80x80 cm canvas: 1470 ,- USD

"Kijani" Mixed media  (acrylics and ballpoint pens)
on simple 21x30 cm sketch paper: 100,- USD

"Damu" acrylics on 80x100 cm canvas: 1220,- USD

"Hatari" oil on 40x50 cm canvas: 485,- USD

"Meditation upon darkness" acrylics on 100x140 cm
paper: 1100,- USD

"Moto" acrylics on 80x60 cm canvas: 620,- USD

"Usiku" acrylics on 80x60 cm canvas: 915,- USD


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