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Arturo Rivera


 Arturo Rivera (1945 –2020) was a Mexican painter based in Mexico City. He lived for eight years in New York City where he worked as a kitchen helper, construction worker and as a worker in a paint factory to support his painting. In 1979, artist Max Zimmerman saw Rivera's work at the Latin American Institute on Madison Street and invited him to Munich as an assistant teacher at the Kunstakademie. After a year of intensive work and studies he returned to Mexico. In 1982 his work was featured in a solo exhibition at the Museo de Arte Moderno.He exposes through his art the horrors of the world, of nature, of dreams and imagination as well as painting portraits, self portraits, characters, landscapes, and objects of classic beauty into his intricate compositions. His main materials are acrylic, watercolor, caseine, graphite, compte crayons, oil pastels, egg tempera, and creta paint.His work has been exhibited throughout Mexico and abroad (Francis Gallery NYC, Jack Gallery SoHo NYC, Walton Galley of Chicago, Haus der Kunst of Munich, etc.).Arturo Rivera died October 2020.


Christian Boltanski - Conceptual Art


 Christian Boltanski (1944 – 2021) was a French sculptor, photographer, painter, and film maker. He is best known for his photography installations and contemporary French conceptual style
Boltanski began creating mixed media/materials installations in 1986 with light as essential concept. Tin boxes, altar-like construction of framed and manipulated photographs (e.g. Chases School, 1986–1987), photographs of Jewish schoolchildren taken in Vienna in 1931, used as a forceful reminder of mass murder of Jews by the Nazis, all those elements and materials used in his work are used in order to represent deep contemplation regarding reconstruction of past. While creating Reserve (exhibition at Museum für Gegenwartskunst in Basel in 1989), Boltanski filled rooms and corridors with worn clothing items as a way of inciting profound sensation of human tragedy at concentration camps. As in his previous works, objects serve as relentless reminders of human experience and suffering. His piece, Monument (Odessa), uses six photographs of Jewish students in 1939 and lights to resemble Yahrzeit candles to honor and remember the dead. "My work is about the fact of dying, but it's not about the Holocaust itself." In 1971 Boltanski produced his installation, L' Album de la famille D. 1939-1964.
Additionally, his enormous installation titled "No Man's Land" (2010) at the Park Avenue Armory in New York City, is a great example of how his constructions and installations trace the lives of the lost and forgotten.Wikipedia


Michael Goldberg - American abstract artist


 Michael Goldberg (1924 – 2007) was an American abstract expressionist painter and teacher known for his gestural action paintings, abstractions and still-life paintings. A retrospective show, "Abstaction Over Time: The Paintings of Michael Goldberg", is showing at MOCA Jacksonville in Florida from 9/21/13 to 1/5/14. His work was seen in September 2007 in a solo exhibition at Knoedler & Company in New York City, as well as several exhibitions at Manny Silverman Gallery in Los Angeles. Additionally, a survey of Goldberg's work is exhibited at the University Art Museum at California State University, Long Beach since September 2010.Goldberg established himself as the youngest member of the Eighth Street Club among other popular New York artists who would generate discourse and share materials, creating a physical artistic experience for Goldberg. His artistic peers at The Club inspired him to take further steps in his art, leading critics to describe him as a "lyrical and nostalgic image of the painter and poet.