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Eugène Dodeigne - Stone Figures

Eugène Dodeigne, ( 1923 -  2015, near Bondues, France), Belgian-born French sculptor best known for his monumental stone figures, usually placed outdoors.Dodeigne was trained by his father, a stone mason, and attended the École des Beaux-Arts in Tourcoing and the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Paris. From the emaciated angularity of his earliest carved wooden figures he moved steadily toward a use of eroded curves and complete abstraction. In 1949 he settled in Bondues in northern France, where he began to sculpt in the local Soignies blue limestone. His works range widely in scale. While the smaller of his Soignies forms are highly polished, the surfaces of the monumental outdoor pieces (e.g., “Sculpture,” 1958) are stressed and patterned, suggesting weathered traces of archaic decoration. (britannica.com)

Inge King - Australian Abstract Sculpture

Inge King - (1915 – 2016)She received many significant public commissions. Her work is held in public and private collections. Her best known work is Forward Surge (1974) at the Melbourne Arts Centre. She became a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in January 1984.
"Abstract steel sculptor Inge King was born in Berlin and trained at the Berlin Academy from 1937 to 1938 and later at the Royal Academy School (on a scholarship) in London in 1940 and the Glasgow School of Art (on bursary) from 1941 to 1943. King taught art in Glasgow and London from 1944 to 1949, during which time she married painter Grahame King. Since moving to Australia in 1950, King has been at the forefront of developing and diversifying non-figurative sculpture in Australia. King was part of the Centre 5 group whose mission it was to help foster greater public awareness in contemporary sculpture."(australiangalleries.com.au)

Milena Olesinska - Abstract Composition

Milena Olesinska Abstract Composition
oil painting on canvas 80cm x 60cm
For Sale : 700 USD 

Seund Ja Rhee

Seund Ja Rhee ( 1918 –  2009) was a South Korean painter, engraver, draughtswoman, and illustrator. She also designed tapestries and mosaics. She was a prolific artist with more than 1,000 paintings, 700 prints, 250 ceramics, and numerous drawings. She exhibited mainly in France and in South Korea, with 84 solo exhibitions and almost 300 group exhibitions during her lifetime.
Rhee's style is primarily decorative abstraction, utilizing geometric patterns and discreet colors. She was known to incorporate Korean symbols and script in her artworks. Wikipedia

Harry Kivijärvi - Sculpture

Harry Kivijärvi (1931-2010) was a sculptor from Finland.
Kivijärvi’s most famous works, such as the monument to the memory of president Paasikivi, consist of non-representational forms, sculpted from black stone, whose carefully worked surfaces alternate between smoothly polished areas and sections that have been left rough.
Kivijärvi was born in Turku and studied in Turku Drawing School 1947-1950 and in Academy of Arts 1950-1952. Kivijärvi started his career in art as a painter. He took up sculpture after spending time in Rome 1955-1956. His first sculptures were small, figurative metal sculptures. The first non-figurative sculpture was monument to Uno Cygnaeus in Hämeenlinna in middle of 1960s. During his career Kivijärvi made many public memorials and monuments.Wikipedia