Exposition Art Blog: Hayden Minor

Hayden Minor


 "Hayden Minor -  is a young abstract artist and photographer from the Chicago suburbs. Beginning his art career taking photos as a young teenager, he was taking as many pictures as he could on any camera he could find. Soon, however, Hayden found his second passion: painting.
With the love and support from his mother, he began creating paintings, sometimes amounting to two or three a day. Channelling his inner child, Hayden displays grim topics such as drug addiction, violence, and political turmoil in his paintings through an abstract, jeuvenile art style. The purpose of this is to help break down these complex societal issues and display them in a basic, simple view. This, he hopes, will help in perspective and understanding among people.
Hayden is now in the process of creating an online artist coalition through his newly created HARM Gallery, an online gallery which promotes accepted artists. There, they are able to sell and display their work for free. In addition to this project, he hopes to place his own art in a gallery somewhere in the Midwest and make a living selling his paintings. "



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