Exposition Art Blog: Dustin Shuler - Pop Art Sculpture

Dustin Shuler - Pop Art Sculpture

Dustin Shuler (1948 – 2010) was an American pop art sculptor and mixed-media artist, best known for a 1989 piece called Spindle, a 50-foot steel spike with eight cars impaled on it that became emblematic of the city of Berwyn, Illinois, where it was installed for two decades in the parking lot of a popular shopping mall. Most of Shuler's major works consisted of outdoor art installations, and the majority of his sculptures used elements of consumer-goods detritus.
Shuler's fascination with using car bodies in large artworks began in Santa Ana in 1978 with the installation Tutankhamun Disguised as a Volkswagen Bus, which featured a 20-foot-long steel nail dubbed Tutankhamun skewered lengthwise through a derelict VW bus. This was followed by the 1980 performance piece Death of an Era at California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA, during which another 20-foot-long steel nail was hoisted 100 feet into the air by crane and dropped to impale a 1959 Cadillac, after which the impaled vehicle with nail was propped on its side for display....He followed up in 1983 by taking a new direction with disused automobiles by creating Car Pelts, which he made by gutting the car bodies, removing the chassis and interior, then slitting the exterior shells at strategic points and flattening them to create 'skins' that resembled rugs made from animal pelts.Wikipedia


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