Exposition Art Blog: July 2020

Susan Willemse

Susan Willemse  -  Australia.
"Prices for images on my website,I am happy to provide exchange rates if requested, all my artwork includes shipping, packing and warranty to any destination world wide unless otherwise stated on my website and details about the images can be found there too."
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Artist name: Susan Willemse
Australian birds Art Gallery, Canberra

Spinebill on Kangaroo Paw 20“x 16” 2018

Peacock 24“x 24” 2018

“Hope” Rainbow Lorikeet 18”x 14” 2017

Green Catbird 16“x 12” 2019

Hillary Lusanji


André Thomkins - European Abstract Art

André Thomkins (1930 - 1985) was a Swiss painter, illustrator, and poet.
"André Thomkins belongs to the most versatile Swiss artists of the 20th century. One of his most self-willed inventions is the Lackskins: A way of painting with liquid paint on water.
André Thomkins (1930-1985) is known as a superb draughtsman and word artist. Like no other he mastered all the classical image media. At the same time, however, he also experimented with different techniques and materials. In the middle 1950s, for example, he developed his Lackskins, in which he painted and drew on water with lacquer paint, and created pictures of enormous imaginative impact. The lacquer falls as drops or runs in a string onto the water and forms a skin, which continuously changes and at the same time can be manipulated. At a certain point Thomkins fixed the movement by lifting off the floating image onto a piece of paper. In this way the Lackskins offer themselves to both chance and artistic exploration. They require patience and willingness on the part of both the artist and the viewer, to take in the play of forms created by the paint and to discover the rich world of images therein.
With his Lackskins André Thomkins drew on old techniques such as the manufacture of marble paper and then expanded on these. During the heyday of abstract painting he concurrently found his own way and created links to the discussions among the artistic avant-garde of his time. For the first time ever, this magnificent body of work is shown in a comprehensive way in an exhibition. It reveals the surprisingly numerous facets of André Thomkins’ art and opens up a new approach to this fascinating œuvre. “Seen geographically”, said André Thomkins, “Lackskin floats just off the land of milk and honey…”(buendner-kunstmuseum.ch)


Paolo Salvati - Artworks

Paolo Salvati (1939 - 2014 ) was an Italian painter.
Paolo Salvati was born in Rome on February 22, 1939, in a house on Via Labicana. Expressionist painter, from 1967 exhibited a series of works in oil on canvas throughout cities in Sardinia such as Cagliari, Oristano, Bosa, Ghilarza, Paulilatino until 1969. Since 1970 he participated in exhibitions of plastic and figurative art in the church Trinità dei Monti and in Galleria Colonna renamed Galleria Alberto Sordi in Rome.
In the 1990 he won first prizes in different editions of paint-off: in December 1996 he received the prize Artitalia at the Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Galleria l’Agostiniana in Rome...Wikipedia


Dimitri Hadzi - American Abstract Sculptore

Dimitri Hadzi (1921 – 2006) was an American abstract sculptor who lived and worked in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and also taught at Harvard University for over a decade.Hadzi was born to Greek-American immigrant parents in Greenwich Village, New York City on March 21, 1921. As a child, he attended a Greek after-school program, where he learned language, mythology, history, and theater. He also won a prize for drawing. After graduating from Brooklyn Technical High School, he worked as a chemist, while continuing his studies in chemistry by night.In 1942, he signed up for the Army Air Force, serving in the South Pacific region while continuing to draw in his spare time. After his service, he returned to New York to study painting and sculpture at Cooper Union.Hadzi taught studio arts at Harvard University, from 1975 to 1989.Wikipedia