Exposition Art Blog: October 2019

Les Lalanne - Francois-Xavier Lalanne & Claude Lalanne

Les Lalanne - François-Xavier Lalanne & Claude Lalanne
Les Lalanne were a French artist duo comprising married couple François-Xavier Lalanne (1927–2008) and Claude Lalanne (1924–2019)
Les Lalanne were known to co-create on projects rather than collaborate. While Francois-Xavier favored sculpting animal themes, Claude preferred vegetation. The themes explored by the two collectively went against the current trend of Abstract art in the 1960s. The couple believed and Francois-Xavier claimed, "the supreme art is the art of living."
In 1956, François-Xavier Lalanne at his first gallery show, Lalanne met an artist of the same last name, Claude Lalanne, whom he later married. After their marriage, they began to collaborate as Les Lalanne, receiving early commissions from the fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. The first public showing of their work included Rhinocrétaire (1967), a glamorous bronze rhinoceros writing desk. Over the following decades, the couple continued to produce work both separately and together.

John Saccaro - Abstract Expressionism Painting

"John Saccaro (1913 - 1981).John Saccaro was born in San Francisco, and served as a camoufleur in France in the Army during WWII.He began his artistic career working for the Federal Arts Project in the Murals Section at Treasure Island in the 1930s. In 1939, at the age of 25, he was given a solo show at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and in 1954, he graduated from the California School of Fine Arts (now the San Francisco Art Institute). Saccaro later went on to teach at UCLA from 1963 to 1964.Around 1955, Saccaro began to paint in the manner for which he is best known, using a slashing, angular brushwork that bears resemblance to the gestural canvases of Kline. He called these paintings "sensory raids," defining sensorism as "the scrape, slash, and violence of the sensory."Saccaro's bright palette contrasted to the earth tones and monochromes more common among San Francisco artists at the time. He was a major contributor to the San Francisco School of Abstract Expressionism, and his works appear in the book of the same name by Susan Landauer (published by UC Press in 1996). Saccaro's work has been featured in several West Coast exhibitions, including shows at the San Francisco Museum of Art, de Young Museum, and Oakland Museum."(widewalls.ch)

Hubert Dalwood - Modern Art

"Hubert Dalwood was born in Bristol on 2 June 1924. After serving an apprenticeship with the Bristol Aviation Company he joined the Royal Navy as an engineer before attending Bath Academy of Art (1946-49) where he studied sculpture under Kenneth Armitage. During this period he spent several summers in the artists' colony of St Ives, Cornwall, where he worked as an assistant to the sculptor Barbara Hepworth."(56groupwales.com)
"Until 1956 Dalwood was a sculptor of figures - figures that were boldly, even brutally, re-formed to coincide with artist’s intention, but later adopted an abstract imagery, shedding gradually such reminiscences of the human body as remained in his sculptures. He worked in clay, modelling the surface by hand and leaving tell tale finger prints and marks, and casting pieces in bronze or aluminium. He tended to combine geometric shapes with surprising free forms, to juxtapose extreme differences of scale, and to ignore the then conventions of organic form relationships."(visualarts.britishcouncil.org)

Ellie Lasthiotaki

Guardian of words and magic

Title:CirceMedium/Size: Acrylic, 190 by 80 cm - Price: 3500 euro

Title:Pebbles Medium/Size:Mixed media, gold leaf, 90 by 60 cm - Price: 1200 euro

Title:Underwater Medium/Size: 90 by 60 cm Acrylic and acrylic mediums - Price:1200 euro

Title: Not forgotten Medium/size: Acrylic, Pastel, 150 by 100cm - Price: 3000 euro

Yvonne Domenge - Mexican Contemporary Art

Yvonne Domenge (1946-2019) was a Mexican artist.
Over the last 35 years, Domenge's work has been focused in sculpture. She's had more than 40 individual exhibitions and has also taken part in more than 160 collective shows in several cities across Mexico, and around the world
"Yvonne Domenge has devoted her life to art from a very young age. She grew up around powerful influences in aesthetic value, philosophy, living your passion, and being free. Her artistic career spans across decades, intertwining with the twists and turns of Mexican society, culture, and politics. She’s proud to have lived that history and to have carved out her own gladiator-like path in the world of sculpture. “I was born to be a sculptress; since I was young I knew it. Working with passion is one of the most important things. It is a great discipline, and it gives me sense to live.”(thosewhoinspire.com)