Exposition Art Blog: Danguole Serstinskaja

Danguole Serstinskaja

Danguole is a lithuanian artist and a professional dog breeder. She has been engaged with animals for multiple decades and it is her natural interest in the anatomical and psychological aspects of animals that has given her motivation to become an experienced animal artist within the field of realism.
Selected as one of 60 artists to receive the ATIM Masters Certificate 2016 issue each year by ArtTour International Magazine and invited to participate in ATIM'S TOP 60 MASTERS OF CONTEMPORARY ART 2016. Only 60 artists are selected each year to receive this honour.
American Art Awards 'Realism Animal' 2015 Winner, decided by 25 the best Galleries in America Award Winning Artist Animals 2015 Art Exhibition

 Artworks color artworks are pastels on Velour paper, black and white paintings done with oil on paper

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