Exposition Art Blog: Art for sale Karolis Greičiūnas

Art for sale Karolis Greičiūnas

Karolis Greičiūnas - Lithuanian artist, who started drawing early in childhood.
Starting from very simple child like drawings he reached a professional art level. He creates a variety of paintings, however he completely rediscovers himself while painting on a wall, this is when a piece truly becomes a challenge and takes months to paint. He creates art using various tools, Acrylic paint, markers.
He calls his style "Photographic painting", it requires a lot of thoroughness and attention to detail. He dedicates himself to every piece entirely, and aims for the piece to look as realistic as possible.
His biggest passion in art is cars. He expresses himself and his capabilities the most while painting them.
He likes painting cars for himself and for car lovers and fans alike. He's very glad that this profession, which has become a life style, receives attention and is respected. With every painting, a part of the artist's soul, effort and joy is drawn upon.

Cevrolete camaro. Illustration
H-20.0 W-28.5
Markers-paint on paper
Price 150.00€

 Ferrari 599 illustration
 H-20.0 W-28.5
 Markers-paint on paper.
 Price. 150.00€

Porsche 911 illustration
 H-20.0 W- 28.5
 Markers-paint on paper.150.00€

Mclaren P1 illustration.
H-20.0  W- 28.5
Markers-paint. On pape.250.00€

  Mustang GT 500.  170.00€

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