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Katheryn Berrios

My Biography
 My name is Katheryn Berrios, was born in Lima, Peru, resident in Rio de Janeiro. I'm Visual artist & Fashion designer, among other artistic expressions.
I started my career as a stylist for several years, creating unique pieces using various materials to criálas, breaking shapes and colors, creating a unique style, the which were exposed in shops, galleries, events in which I participated, and interviews they did me.
Thus, I was expanding my horizons to new aspects of artistic expression, visual arts gave me the freedom to continue shape my work with other nuances, but with greater intensity in screen transgression to touch and move the viewer.
 My Work
Here I show some works from the collection swirls. Heart, Soul, Hiking, Bindings, Nucleus. Which they are creations as a concept that is based on those emotional frenzies, existential, reflecting the intense colors with force, with a peculiar nuance in combination. In his own compocision I wanted experience in the organization of the elements.
 The medium used is mixed media, 3D sculpting, using a variety of materials combined with paint, so to achieve that relief in the work, and more natural in its finish, giving the strong expression to the work, in the same way They are abstract works that speak for themselves, emotion and this peculiarity of my creation.

    Katheryn Berrios
    Fashion Designer  & Visual Art
    (+55) 9 21 67 19 75 91


Visual Art

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