Exposition Art Blog: Abstrahism Albrecht Behmel

Abstrahism Albrecht Behmel

"I call this style “The Magic of the Swarms” or “Abstrahism”, which is a term I invented to express this mix of abstract forms stemming from real-world shapes, just like a shadow abstractly represents a 3D body on a 2D surface. Something is lost, something is won. Abstrahism is about the connectedness of all beings however different they may seem - like in a kaleidoscope where known forms melt into something new every time they move. Once I have established a net of shapes and outlines on canvas I add powerful acrylic colors (they poison me less than oil) following an algorithm in my mind: As in a musical fugue I create an interweaving pattern of main themes, parts and variations within a grid of shapes and silhouettes." (Albrecht Behmel www.behmel.de)


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