Exposition Art Blog: Alexander Kostetsky

Alexander Kostetsky


 Alexander Kostetsky ( 1954 - 2010 ) was a Ukrainian painter and sculptor, his artist stile is Magic Realism.During his childhood, Kostetsky began to create a distinctive style based on his love of mysterious alien civilizations and science fiction. At school he worked on sculpture, learning from his sculptor mother, and in the seventh grade he created a set of chess pieces intricately carved like medieval knights. Later he sculpted in clay, porcelain and other materials. At Kiev Art School and the Kiev State Institute, he began to master different styles of drawing in the style of the old masters. At the same time he developed his own style and technique of oil painting, wishing to capture his unique artistic visions. However, while studying at the institute, the young Kostetsky had to obey to the canons of socialist realism and his early works do not always reflect his true interests.



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