Exposition Art Blog: Jakob Weidemann - Abstract Expressionism

Jakob Weidemann - Abstract Expressionism


 Jakob Weidemann (1923 –2001) was a Norwegian artist. Jakob Weidemann is regarded as one of Norway's more important artists of post-war Modernism. Weidemann's work Storfuglen letter (1959) was selected as one of the twelve most important Norwegian artworks by Morgenbladet.
His first solo exhibition was at Paus Knudsens Kunsthandel in 1942. Weidemann joined the Norwegian resistance movement during the Occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany, was arrested but escaped to Sweden in 1944. While there he was the victim of an accident in which an explosive charge blew up in such a way that he was blinded. He regained his sight, but then only in the left eye. The experience of being blind may have been decisive for the direction his art was later to take – towards an explosion of color and light
 Weidemann is considered to have been become one of the more influential artists within Norwegian modernism in the 1950s. After some experimentation with different styles in the 1940s and 1950, Weidemann finally settled in what can be called expressive, lyrically abstract art. Abstract expressionism with nature as inspiration and basis became characteristic of work by Weidemann.Wikipedia


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