Exposition Art Blog: Andrea Cascella

Andrea Cascella


Andrea Cascella was a sculptor, painter and ceramist. He was the son of Thomas and nephew of Michael. Like his brother Peter, he established himself as a sculptor, at first thanks to a collaboration with Domenico Rambelli, although at first he dabbled in painting and ceramics. Among his positions include the direction of the Academy of Brera.

During the war years he was active in the Resistance in Garibaldi Ossola formations as a training commander. He attended the Osteria Brothers' Menghi, a known meeting place for painters, directors, screenwriters, writers and poets from the '40s and' 70s. In 1949 he exhibited his works at his first, at the Obelisk Gallery in Rome, then attend the Biennale, the Grosvenor Gallery in London, the New York Guggenheim museum and many Milanese personal.In the early sixties his high reliefs date back to the Olivetti structure of Dusseldorf and the bas-relief to that of Buenos Aires. European exponent of abstract art, among his finest works include the War Memorial of Auschwitz, which he designed with his brother Peter, after winning the competition for the Monument to the Unknown Political Prisoner in 1958. He made various appearances at the Venice Biennale, in which he was awarded in 1964, and commissioner in 1972. 




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