Exposition Art Blog: Lilika Arnaki

Lilika Arnaki

I have studied and worked at a high-school as a teacher for 18 years. I have presented 9 personal exhibitions in Thessaloniki and Athens and took part in 36 team exhibitions in Thessaloniki Volos Chalcidice Athens Paros Santorini Torino Atalla Turkey. I am an active member in the club of painters Thessaloniki and Unesco.
I have taken part in an artistic mission at the international exhibition MANUALMENTE at Torino Italy.
I have written 2 books the one of them an Anthology with 51 pieces of art and 51 poems which is prorposed for an award.I create jewels in the same way I paint.In my art the main role has the human which I work through  a variety of ways with the purpose to show not only the external physiological parts byt also the inner well hidden world of the illustrated.Faces portraits of men and mainly women appear via non -combustible materials burned newspapers,sand,wood,cloth,sieve and magazines I convert them into sculptures so changing page another piece of art appears.I am not limited in simplicity but I look forthing of current life.
Simlicity is beauty apart from words and feelings. The right proportions of light and shadows in a picture are limited from the place and time to beauty and ugliness.But what is beyond lines and shapes beyond education and knowledge is the essence of beauty.

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