Exposition Art Blog: Alirio Palacios - Venezuelan visual artis

Alirio Palacios - Venezuelan visual artis

Alirio Palacios (December 7, 1938 – September 11, 2015) was a Venezuelan visual artist known for his drawings, graphic designing, printmaking and sculpture Horse figures were often motifs of his graphic art and sculpture, an obsession he developed during his long stay in China.Among other awards, Palacios won the National Prize of Plastic Arts of Venezuela in 1977. His work is on display in museums and public sites internationally, including the presidential Palace and the National Supreme Court in Caracas, the Casa de Las Américas in Havana, and the University of Edinburgh where Palacio`s portrait of the first Venezuelan President Jose Maria Vargas is on permanent display..He was born near Tucupita, Delta Amacuro. As a child, Palacios began painting in his hometown by the Orinoco River depicting animal figures with chalk on blackboards from his mother`s and aunt`s school. At sixteen he began studies at the Caracas School of Fine Arts (Venezuela) where he graduated in 1960. Palacios traveled to Europe representing his home country at the VII Youth Festival in Vienna, Austria (1960). He undertook further painting studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, Rome, Italy (1961) and also studied water base engraving techniques at the University of Fine Arts in Beijing, China, where he was tutored by and Li Co Yan, graduating in 1969. He was later an Intern at the Academy of Art in Berlin, Germany (1968–1970) and studied Printmaking at the University of Warsaw, Poland. From 1985 he resided in New York for 20 years during which he pursued his art career and also acted as a cultural adviser to the Venezuelan Consulate. He then moved back to his home country where he was widely revered. He authored many books on his own work, and illustrated several literature books by other authors. Wikipedia


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