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Richard Konvička


Richard Konvička was born on April 30, 1957, in Prague – Died, 6 August 2021. 1973 to 1977, he studied at the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Prague and later at the Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) in Prague under the guidance of Professor Jan Smetana (1977-1983).

In 1990, he received a grant from The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc., New York, to study abroad for half a year. Since 1997 he has been a member of Umělecká beseda arts association."Richard Konvička's work was and is up-to-date and is not easy to understand. He has his informed interprets (e.g. Richard Drury, Ivan Neumann), who have written the most important about it. Probably, even I can join them. Every new attempt at his ”portrait“ cannot avoid once already written. The author paints and also destructs. This seemingly ironic expression gives a true picture of the art program his work, points out the essential expressionistic and content components of his paintings, where sensuality softens (disturbs?, corrects?) the mind. Konvička´s art is stormy, stimulates, provokes; but it is also kind and especially human to be always contemporary in all these levels.His art attacks human senses and provides also testimony about his own turbulent spirit, which is too open for the surrounding world. Richard Konvička belongs to a relatively small group of artists, who are not afraid to get down searching for the new ways of art expression. It is historically nothing new that many soon used all the optimism of their Prometheus energy and integrated into the ”middle“ classic stream in art. Others have fallen through the professional routine and became uncreative epigones of their idols. Only a few remained and focused their attention on the search in themselves, with their own eyes, opinions and life. From their family comes also Richard Konvička, direct by nature, lustily tempered, robust (by art, not by his fi gure) painter. "(richardkonvicka.cz)
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