Exposition Art Blog: Gertie Huddleston

Gertie Huddleston


 Gertie Huddleston (1916-2013) was an Aboriginal Australian artist from southern Arnhem Land.Huddleston's exact birth date is unclear, with sources ranging between 1916 and 1933.
"Gertie Huddleston was one of the first contemporary artists to emerge from South East Arnhem Land at Ngukurr, situated on the banks of the Roper River.
Ngukurr a place of many stones’ is today an Aboriginal community of about 800 people from nine different language groups, many of whom are displaced from their ancestral countries. Originally an early 1900s Anglican mission, Ngukurr provided a haven for the Roper River peoples fleeing the violence of pastoralists moving up from the south. People of many different clans and language groups congregated there, including the Alawa, Mara, Ngalakan, Ngandi, Nunggubuyu, Rittarrngu and Wandarang clans. This history is reflected in the subject matters and diversity of styles of the Ngukurr artists’ paintings. Ngukurr artists are famous for exploring new painting styles and techniques and recontextualising them to become something wholly unique."(aboriginalexhibitions.com.au)




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