Exposition Art Blog: Daniel Rhodes - American Ceramic Artist

Daniel Rhodes - American Ceramic Artist

Daniel Rhodes ( 1911 –1989) was an American ceramic artist, sculptor, author and educator. During his 25 years (1947–1973) on the faculty at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, in Alfred, New York (a division of the State University of New York), he built an international reputation as a potter, sculptor and authority on studio pottery.
"Daniel Rhodes was an accomplished painter, and, as a ceramic artist, he manipulates the clay as if it were paint and splashes, scrubs down or builds up for expressive forms, textures and surfaces. The individual elements Rhodes calls “fortuitous forms” are used in an architectural way to build solid constructs that appear woven, wrapped or bound. The natural clay surfaces are terra cotta in tone with color and value subtly altered by the application of slips. Textures are dramatic and pronounced and pay tribute to the elemental surfaces of mountains, valleys, eroded terrains and the moon. Rhodes’ experiences in Japan are evident in many of the pieces especially the ones he calls “Guardians”. They are strong in presence, ancient in spirit and look as if they had recently been discovered in some remote village of an archaic Japan, now long vanished. There are numerous large- scale heads that seem to represent and humanize in an immediate fashion the connection between maker and object; a vessel containing the memories of his life, his dreams and aspirations."(chelsearivergallery.com)


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