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Alex Romano

"Born in Italy Rome, Alex Romano began his career as a child, when his 7 years he received the 1st Prize for Children's Painting and participated in V International Exhibition of Children's Painting organized under the patronage of the Province of Rome in the famous Via Margutta, the most emblematic street in the heart of ancient Rome, chosen by artists from around the world goal. After finishing his studies, and with a desire to further expand his artistic horizons, Alex Romano traveled through Europe and Latin America soaking up all the cultural expressions of these countries before returning to his hometown and further training in artistic attending various courses conducted by the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Roma.
During his studies of bachelor in USA and Spain and later during college, Alex Romano used his free time to feed his artistic quest and fascinated by the force of the matter, he became interested in recycling. Alex Romano began, then, not only to use found materials as support for his works, but also to incorporate them into them, creating different textures and forms and developing not only a material recycling, but also a conceptual recycling, giving the waste a second opportunity.
His admiration for Informalism that developed in France and in the rest of Europe after the Second World War, and by the American Abstract Expressionism as by the artists Alberto Burri, Antoni Tapies, Georges Mathieu, Gorky, Willem de Kooning, Jean Paul Riopelle, Pollock or Stanislaus Rapotec have determined a great artistic influence in his work without taking an ounce of originality from his pictorial personality. Alex Romno translates reality into images of suggestive strength that invite a fantastic itinerary through undefined spaces, discontinuous lines, abstract forms, full of colors and some grotesque elements."

Individual Exhibitions:
1992-Italy-Rome, Galleria il Greco
1993-Italy-Rome, Galleria Vittoria
1994-Italy-Rome, Galleria Vitruvio
1996-Italy-Rome, Galleria Minotauro
1996-Italy-Firenze, Galleria Fortezza da Basso
1997-Italy-Rome, Galleria Strada
1998-Spain-Malaga, Charitable Exhibition Art to Heal in the fight against cancer Hospital Carlos Haya.
1999-Spain-Marbella, Dide Art Gallery
1999-Spain-Marbella, British International Gallery
1999-Spain-Malaga, Victors Gallery
2001-Spain-Cádiz, Ibero-American Foundation of the Arts
2001-Spain-Marbella,, Sammer Gallery
2002-Spain-Marbella, Box Art Gallery
2003-Spain-Marbella, Gallery of Art and Antiques Volubilis
2004-Spain-Marbella, Sammer Gallery
2006-Spain-Madrid, Circulo Financiero: Bullfighting and San Isidro Fair
2006-Spain-Madrid, Galeria Gaudí
2008-Spain-Marbella, Vitruvio Arte y Cultura
2009-Spain-Marbella, V International Contemporary Art Fair edition ArtWanson Gallery
2009-España-Madrid, Galeria Jorge Ontiveros
2010-Spain-Madrid, Madrid Excellent CIE: (IV International Excellence Congress)
2011-Spain-Marbella, Art Wanson Gallery
2013-Spain-Marbella, Sammer Gallery
2014-Spain-Marbella, Starlite Festival: Bronzes- Color- Lights
2015-Spain-Marbella, Box Art Gallery
2015-Spain-Round, 2nd International Biennial Congress Palace Bullfighting Round
2016-Spain-Marbella, Fornara Gallery
2016-Spain-Marbella, Equitana-Benezra Gallery
2017-Spain-Marbella, Box Art Gallery
2018-Spain-Marbella, Art Wanson Gallery
2019-Spain-Marbella, We Art Gallery
2019-Spain-Marbella, Art Point Gallery
2019-USA Richmond, Aeon Gallery

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