Exposition Art Blog: Shahriar Khosravi

Shahriar Khosravi

"My passion is painting and I have found my interest and also my talent in painting since I was a little boy. In addition I got my B. A in painting. I have been inspired mostly by nature and ordinary lives, so my main style for these art works is real and surreal. Although I do not restrict myself to only one technique and I am an expert in painting through different mediums and techniques such as oil color, water color, and color pencil.
I am talented in painting and I have started painting since I was a little boy. I have developed excellent different painting skills through these years. Then I got my B. A in Art, Painting. My passion for art is highlighted by different exhibitions I have held during these years and also by my achievements in my job careers.
Freelance Painter & Drawer : 2001 - Present
Selling the created artworks:
 Oil color
 Water color
 Sketch drawing
Freelance Designer : 2006 - Present
 Advertising boards
Making creative wooden accessories : 2013 - Present
Painting murals : 2016 - Present."

Solo exhibition: Mehregan gallery, Isfahan,
Iran, Spring 2013
Group exhibitions:, City Center Negar khaneh, Isfahan, Iran, Winter 2014
Solo exhibition:, City Center Negar khaneh, Isfahan, Iran, Winter 2015
Group exhibition:, Iric Center, Tehran,
Iran, Winter 2016
Group exhibition: ( 2 artists), Central Library, Isfahan, Iran, Fall 2018

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