Exposition Art Blog: Maud Sulter - Contemporary Fine Art Photography

Maud Sulter - Contemporary Fine Art Photography

Maud Sulter (19 September 1960 – 27 February 2008) was a Scottish contemporary fine artist, photographer, writer and curator of Ghanaian heritage. She died in Dumfries, Scotland, in 2008 and is survived by two daughters and a son. Born in Glasgow to a Scots mother and a Ghanaian father, Maud Sulter attained a master's degree in Photographic Studies from the University of Derby.Sulter's photographic practice included contemporary portraiture and montage. Her work typically referenced historical and mythical subjects. Her photography was exhibited in across the UK and internationally, including at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1987; the Johannesburg Biennial (1996); and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in 2003. She received a number of awards and residencies, including the British Telecom New Contemporaries Award 1990 and the Momart Fellowship at Tate Liverpool, also in 1990.Wikipedia

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