Exposition Art Blog: Rana Salama - Contemporary Visual Artist

Rana Salama - Contemporary Visual Artist

Alexandria, Egypt.

 After 5 years of schooling in the art of interior design, Rana discovered a new outlet to express her emotions. Abstract art became a life changing endeavor. Each piece became intertwined with a story and she began to live each new creation, referring to them as her babies. Rana loves the freedom and creativity that she finds in abstract, inspired by unlimited creativity and the openness to be unique. Incorporating several techniques and tools to her style, this pursuant artist has been featured in art exhibitions throughout Egypt, featuring artists from countries such as Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Canada and more. She has also been successful in sales to countries including USA , Egypt, Kuwait,Lebanon, Australia and the Philippines. Rana's (one of a kind) creations are a must own for any collector. Be sure to keep your eyes open, because this artist has drive and potential to thrive in a global market.
"Happiness, positivity and pride are my pillars for success. The key to producing a piece of valuable Art that goes beyond your living room wall is to tell a sentimental story that really captures and challenges your thoughts. This is what really differentiates one artist from another."

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