Exposition Art Blog: Tilsa Tsuchiya

Tilsa Tsuchiya

Tsuchiya is best known for her surrealist paintings that explore Peruvian Indian mythological themes. She attended the School of Fine Arts in Lima and studied under Fernando Szyszlo, a figurative abstract expressionist painter, Carlos Quizpes a muralist and Manuel Zapata Orihuela a realist painter. She traveled to Paris in 1960 to studied at the Sorbonne and the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Her work from this period in Paris is dark in tone and has a minimalist aesthetic. Upon returning to Peru her work began to take on elements of fantasy and narrative incorporating aspects of Peruvian Indian imagery and mythology which European influences. Her work has been exhibited internationally as part of a small Peruvian Surrealist movement in the 1970s. Important exhibitions include the 1979 Sío Paulo Biennale and Art of the Fantastic: Latin America 1920-1987 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.(.latinart.com)


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