Exposition Art Blog: Photo collage Kenneth Johnston

Photo collage Kenneth Johnston

 Kenneth Johnston b. May 10, 1951, Location: United States
Through the use of digital imaging, I produce collages that exist outside of the computer either as photographic prints or printed on canvas. The intent of this work (aside from the enjoyment and learning experience it provides me in the creative process) is to provide the viewer with a “waking dream” experience - a visual representation of those fragments remembered from an uneasy sleep.    
A few years ago, I began constructing “surrealist dioramas,” photographing them, then enhancing the image digitally. I incorporated objects digitized by a flatbed scanner, my pen and ink drawings, and whatever seemed to be appropriate along with the three dimensional objects – some found, some sculpted - for my compositions. My creative process is totally improvisational. I begin with a background or shape that I like, and proceed from there.
I also produce acrylic paintings, along with "mixed media" works.   
Many images were inspired by my experiences on the seashore. The beach and the water, the animals in the sand at low tide, the clouds and those distant objects looming on the horizon distorted by heatwaves and atmospherics all influenced these works.

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