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Ingemar Härdelin

                                               INGEMAR HÄRDELIN, artist, cellist, poet 

My name is Ingemar Härdelin. I have all life beside my profession as a teacher been dealing with cultural activities of different kinds. My prime interest has since I was a little boy been celloplaying. Next after that is my fascination for art and making pictures myself by painting and photographing. Since 1992 I have been painting continuosly. Today I have had more than thirty exhibitions all over Sweden besides one in Tenerif and one in Milano.
  "... the paintings may speak for themself. They live their own lives behind the words.
But something overall may be said after all. I choose to summarize most of my production under the term "motion". Since I througout adult life has been a performing cellist on the side of my civilian profession, has music in mostly been a driving force and inspiration. Music is movement, and movement is an expression of life.
In the same way I experience my painting. In colors is life, music, rhythm. In colors and forms are everything we recognize, but in addition there are infinite opportunities for new discoveries and experiences. We may be affected, seduced, upset and make voyages of discovery in constant dialogue with what we see. Seeing a picture is like hearing a peace of music over and over again. The experience will never be the same.
Most of the time I paint from inner visions where freedom, imagination, rhythm, form and balance are important keywords.
Thus, the same criteria that characterize music. The result is often inpredictable because new opportunities are opening up in the becoming, which in turn can bring the painting into new and surprising paths.... " ( Ingemar Härdelin  absolutearts.com )

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For salle; January 2016  Akryl 53 cm  x 53 cm  600 Euro

For salle; January 2016  Akryl 43 cm x 51cm  500 Euro

For salle; January 2016  Akryl 53 x 53 cm -  600 Euro

For salle; January 2016  Akryl 53 x 53 cm -  600 Euro

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