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Hippiejam Art

'Winter Fog' acrylic on 5x7 in canvas.

'Big Basin 2' California , acrylic on 30x40 in. canvas

'On My Way Home' fluid acrylic on watercolor paper, 27 x 35

Coastal Moon' acrylic on 5x5 in.canvas.

Enchanted Moon' acrylic on 10x14 in canvas.

Drummer' acrylic applied with swipe card on 8x10 in. canvas..commissioned.

Petunia ' acrylic painted background with acrylic pouring medium on 24x36 in. canvas

Down Under' acrylic on 12 x36 in. canvas

Help Me I Am Homeless' acrylic and pen on paper/ Pittsburgh.

'Time Warp' pen quick sketch..

Painting & Sculpture 

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