Exposition Art Blog: George Georgiou

George Georgiou

Accomplish professional Artist/Sculptor, Landscape Architect and Interior Designer with over forty five years of experience, working with numerous mediums. Giorgos has undertaken numerous art and sculpting commissions worldwide. He has exhibited in numerous galleries internationally in both solo and joint exhibitions with many fellow accomplished artists, including Lilia Pissaro, the great, great, great granddaughter of Camille Pissaro (the father of Impressionism).
He has undertaken work for several world famous establishments, including Madame Tussards (London), Disneyworld (USA) and many more; including TV and movie film companies. Clients include Sheiks, politicians, footballers and many well-known celebrities.
Devoted life to his Art and giving his public the pleasures and happiness that they will experience from his work. He seeks perfection in the vast variety of mediums and techniques he applies to his work. He believes that there is never a time when you can say your work is perfect, because that's the day you give up seeking the best. From detailed artwork (in the style of the Classics), to impressionistic forms and figures to catch the onlookers attention.With years, Giorgos has mastered various mediums and techniques, which are reflected in his work. He revels in using soft pastels, oils, watercolours, oil pastels, charcoal, or a combinations of each to produce dramatic and stunning art pieces that offer hours of pleasure to those fortunate enough to view or own some of his work.
Whether landscape or figurative, his work seeks to open our minds and senses to reality of the mood or the beauty of the characters. Monochrome or colour. Each of his works offer a mystery; a variety of feelings and senses that compel the viewer to search within themselves for meanings.
Currently, based in Cyprus, Giorgos is working continuously at his Studio. He undertakes private commissions for work; both at home and overseas; whether portrait, landscape, figurative or themed.
Recent work has been based on figurative monochromes in either pastels, watercolour; or combined; that are created to enhance the beauty of the female figure. It leaves it to your imagination as to whether the female is large/petite, shapely or slim.




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