Exposition Art Blog: Gabriel Vuljevas

Gabriel Vuljevas

Maybe I could say that I used to be a common painter, one of the bunch following the esthetic formalities to sell artworks regularly. In an attempt to leave over the vulgarity and in order to get my own language, I started a research path to get to what is now my ownway of expression. This is of course a fusion of styles ranging from the caves of Altamira cave paintings to the Nazca lines, Candelaria Caves in Guatemala cemetery, Cave Gaidar Gran Canaria, San Agustin Archaeological Park of Colombia, Mexico Tepoztlan, fusion art Pre-Columbian,Easter Island, etc.. This particular form of expression could be categorized or classified invarious ways, but perhaps the most appropriate would be "Contemporary Primitivism", classification
or name of the style set by an important Spanish Curator. All coordinated with the influence of more recent artists, but always trying to keep my own unique language, which allowed me to go conqueringmarkets and open interesting  spaces in some countries. Contemporary Primitivism is the result
 of study and development of my own identity  and the entire community.

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