Exposition Art Blog: Ilse Hviid

Ilse Hviid

I am born 1962,  and raised in Sweden. I live in Malmö in my small apertment/studio. I have a diverse professional background and trained constuction-painter with expertise in graining and marbling. For health reasons I can no longer work as a construction-painter. I have painted artistically in all my time, but the material and expressions have varied over time. I have exhibited since 1979 and sets out on a regular basis. Nowadays I paint preferably layer-painting in oil on canvas. This is a slow and tedious working, a lot of my paint manufactures myself by tearing pure pigment in the raw cold pressed linseed oil. My motive is very much about man and his peculiar relation to their habitat. How humanity in pursuit of growth destroys their food, their habitat.

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