Exposition Art Blog: Przemysław Stanuch

Przemysław Stanuch

"I was born in 1992 in Poland in Cracow. Love for the arts was born in me in early childhood. For all these years I checked all art techniques to uncover the one which I feel the best in. In 2015, the search has been completed successfully. Sculpting to me is a medium that allows me to an unlimited expression and acrylic paints which I paint sculptures are this "Cherry on top". In my works I link everything that arouses my delight in the world around me, and so in the first place is nature and its different faces. Often my works are my views and thoughts materialized, so frequent themes of my sculptures are, for example; return to the true nature of human, the meaning and purpose of existence on this planet, the coexistence of different forms of life and of course the wisdom of our ancestors. My goal is waking up consciousness through art, this is one of my little way to change the world ."( Przemysław Stanuch www.przemyslawstanuch.com)

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