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Matthew de La Tour

Dream Equa

 In this crazy world- I'm sharing this with those in my circle and this piece is dedicated to friends families and victims of Orlando shooting


Dream Equal is a painting in a new style for a new century; introducing many different techniques of molten glue. Dream Equal was created by drawing with a glue gun on a canvas in June 2016… 3 days ago. The dry molten glue is covered meticulously with paint and a little nail polish. Dream Equal shows two individuals with arms around each other looking up into the sky of an enchanted dream world dreaming of a better day, but these two individuals aren’t just hopeful they are determined, releasing their energy into a world of chaos while creating light. They aren’t just waiting for opportunity they are creating it. Dream Equal is for everyone struggling and overcoming this world. Enjoy!
Also, there are some fun hidden messages in this molten glue painting of hope. The paint job allows the painting to shine differently based on the light source. Whatever light the painting is in, it will change, from natural sun light to dark, watch Dream Equal transform and inspire you!

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