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Karen Lillard

"Karen Lillards journey as a painter can be enclosed within the category of Survivor Art, Intuitive, abstract, abstract expressionism, and message art. Her inspiration is derived from color primarily combined with her own internal intuitive mechanism, and self analysis. Karen is an individual who seeks depth and intensity in all things. Her works are abstract, expressive and meaningful. Her favorite materials are oil and ink. The surfaces she uses include glass, canvas and walls. She started painting five years ago; after a lifelong career outside of art. Karen has had no formal training and has developed her style strictly by doing. Her pieces almost always are created entirely with palette knife. She chooses her palette and then begins to move the paint There is no plan, no drawing, simply whatever is inside revealing itself. Karens message art creations incorporate quotes into her paintings that have significant meaning and are provocative and/or inspirational. Her work is quite simply an intimate look into the soul.....her soul. "(fineartamerica.com/profiles/karen-butscha.html)


Trail of Tears available 24 x 36 deep edge canvas 600.00

Castle Dark  8 x 10" board  palette knife, oil & metallic pigment powder

Astral Travel 24 x 32" deep edge canvas,
Palette Knife,cutting motion,oil and metallic pigment powders
Available $800.00
I will pay shipping and insurance on all purchases

Colony original is availaable  it is 30 x 40"
deep edge canvas  will pay shipping 1300.00

Pie in the Sky dreams  link

The link for What Was the Question

Red 1 is available 30 x 30   deep edge 300.00

Mountains of Blue oil on paper,
palette knife, metallic pigment powders,
 8 x 10" available 50.00

Orange Crush  Orange
oil on paper, blue metallic pigment powder,
palette knife,white background,
8 x 10" available 50.00

Lost At Sea  Abstract, textured oil and metallic pigment
powder on deep edge canvas 24 x 24. 
Blue oil, white oil, blue and black and orange powders.
Available 300.00

 Beauty in motion 30 x 40 " deep edge canvas, blues,
reds, greens, purples, yellows, white, oil, ink,
powders, this one has lots of color.
Palette knife lots of activity and motion. 
Available for purchase $ 1,000.00 I will pay to ship and insure.

Geisha Girl  this is oil painted onto glass mirror.
Red, black, gold, green,silver. 
Blue Metallic Pigment Powder, Done with Palette knife, and drizzled.
Super texture and shimmers in light. 
Framed in dark brown wood 2" frame, very heavy piece.
Available only for local pick up, too risky to ship

Cat in a tree  original palette knife painting on paper,
 acryiic, yellow, green, red, palette knife,
white background 12 x 16 available 75.00

Reflections Gauche on heavy paper,
Deep reds,
brown, blues on white background, palette knife. 
12 x 16 Available 50.00

Abstract, gauche paints, on 8 x 10"
board, browns, blues, yellows,
striking.  Available $50.00

Abstract, gauche paints, palette knife,
blue, green, red, yellow primary colors.
strong, available 8 x 10" on board 50.00

Abstract, gauche paint, orange, green, reds,
palette knife, 8 x 10" on paper.
unframed. available 50.00

 Looking for the Light - oil on glass original is part of Soul Survivor
collection and will not be sold,
however it is available for print at this

Title  Orange Pop
28"  x 36" deep edge 1.375" deep
Abstract Oil Orange, Payne Grey, White Done with Palette Knife
It is available for sale  $1,200.00  I will pay shipping

Look Into The Dark 24 x 32" Original Painting, Palette Knife,
Oil and marker,heavy textured Canvas,
deep edge, Available 800.00

Enchanted Forest 24 x 24" deep edge canvas..
Palette Knife, oil and metallic pigment powder
Available 600.00 

 Deeply Primal is availalbe 24 x 36" deep edge canvas 300.00

Intimate Place is availalbe 16 x 20 deep dge canvas $200.00


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