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Denis Young

 "Denis Young, born in 1971 in Eindhoven, is a certified screen-printer by profession. Becoming fascinated by abstract and figurative art at an early age, has enjoyed painting, drawing and air-brushing ever since.
Denis started in 1997 at the Art Academy of Arendonk (Belgium), where he specialized in painting with oil based paint and the use of thick paintbrushes. These techniques allowed for the development of more expressionistic and abstract works. After attending the Art Academie, Denis developed his own idea to create unique works of art through the combination of experimental screen-printing, painting and edited aluminium.
Especialy in the portaits one can observe the daring and intricate play between the use of contrast and texture (relief) of the aluminium, where the consciously leaving out the eyes, and the creation of wrinkles and skinlines shroud each art piece with a certain mystique.
The use of texture and relief of the aluminium in combination with the creative use of lightning ensure the unique and daring character of each individual art piece, and is a process from which Denis, as an artist, enjoys great (personal) satisfaction." (Denis Young  www.denisyoung.nl )

 "Joplins Blues"
    240 X 100 cm
    Inspired by the expressive music of Janis Joplin!

Title: The old laughing lady
Size : 80 X 100 cm
Silk-screen and paint on black treated Aluminium

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