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Antonio Fernandez Hidalgo



Antonio Fernandez Hidalgo (Toni F.H) Madrid, Spain 09/17/77 , begins to paint on year 1996 practicing some expresionism figurative works and cubism, since 2002 he reached a personal evolution in diferents ways of expresionism abstract art, his regular artworks, are based on spiritual meditations and the studies from the alchemy, magic, and hermetics texts, and the titles are the name of the stages of traditional Occident Alchemy, Nigredo ( Blackness), Albedo ( Whiteness ), Citrinitas ( Yellowness ) and Rubedo ( Redness ), and also he makes some collaborations featuring with musicians from the underground circuit in Spain, making on live during the concerts some  abstractions impromptus with the action painting technics, also he practices geometric abstractions drawings like cromatic studies made during his frequently travels across the world, over 26 countries in 3 continents.






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