Exposition Art Blog: Wendie Donabie

Wendie Donabie

Here is a short Artist Statement:
I love to paint, to communicate my experience of the world in images that evoke a sensory response and tell a story. When I witness a scene that moves me, I want to share it with the world.
My creative process usually begins by capturing the moment in a photo. Then I crop the image and possibly integrate others to develop a composition for the actual painting. Once brush and paint touch the paper or canvas, time loses all meaning. My senses tune in to what the painting is telling me. This is an intimate, visceral experience. It often seems magical watching the blank surface transform into a painting, as if the paints and brushes are pulling out images hidden in the fibres.
I enjoy working in a variety of mediums - watercolour, acrylic, oil, Chinese and acrylic inks. Each product in my toolbox offers unique qualities and allows me the freedom to select the one I feel best interprets a subject.
Surrounded by the natural beauty of Muskoka, I find endless inspiration! Walls of pink granite, the unique character of each Jack Pine, the twisted weave of tree roots in the forest, an explosion of fiddleheads bursting forth from the stump of an old cedar, a cascade of rushing water over giant boulders or the placid calm of dawn breaking over one of our multitude of pristine lakes.
To inspire, uplift, bring joy and beauty into the world and touch the human spirit—these are my artistic goals.
Every painting offers exciting, new challenges and learning opportunities about my craft and about me.  As a life-long seeker, my art will always reflect that search.  
Wendie Donabie

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