Exposition Art Blog: Gershon Edelstein

Gershon Edelstein

Hidden Impressions

 I am a professional archaeologist, after retiring I started a new profession artist. I discovered a way to create digital art which I print on canvas. I call my art hidden Impressions. I have created a few hundreds of pictures that you can see in my site and in facebook hidden impressions.
My love of artistic activity has led me to discover digital art. For a few years I have been experimenting, creating pictures digitally; cutting out sections of images and restructuring them to create surprising new shapes. I search for the right balance between the various parts. Actually the images create themselves. What I do is “capture” the shapes and link them in a manner that creates a new texture.
Looking at the images evokes a personal impression, everyone sees them differently. There are people who may be indifferent and there are those who ask for an explanation. Perhaps it is best to let the image enter the heart directly and allow it to nourish the soul.

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