THE NUBA - Leni Riefenstahl

From 1962 till 1977 Leni Riefenstahl had been living as the first white woman with a special permission issued by the Sudanese government in the remote valleys of the central Sudan among the mysterious Nabu tribes, had studied their way of life and recorded it on film in pictures of unusual fascination for eternity. Particularly the circumstance that through the advance of civilization the Nuba's way of life is approaching its irreversible end is giving these picture documents a unique anthropological, ethnological and cultural-historical importance.
Who are the Nuba?
Since the outbreak of the civil war in 1983 there have been living in the central Sudan in the Kordofanian province in the Nuba mountains still between 8,000 and 10,000 Masakin Quisar Nuba of different language groups and far from any civilization out of all Nuba tribes counting about half a million people all together. The Austrian anthropologist S.F. Nadel reported that there should have existed 105 different Nuba languages, not dialects but different languages as there are in Europe.
With these sensational pictures, Leni Riefenstahl raised an everlasting monument to this no warlike people in Africa.(

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