Emanuele Luzzati

Emanuele Luzzati (3 June 1921 – 26 January 2007) was an Italian painter, production designer, illustrator, film director and animator. He was nominated for Academy Awards for two of his short films, La gazza ladra (The Thieving Magpie) (1965) and Pulcinella (1973).He was born in Genoa and turned to drawing in 1938 when, as a son of a Jew (form the part of his father), his academic studies were interrupted by the introduction of the Fascist racial laws. He moved in Switzerland with his family and studied in Lausanne, where he obtained his degree at the local École des Beaux-Arts. He designed his first production of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba in 1944, a collaboration with his friends Alessandro Fersen, Aldo Trionfo and Guido Lopez. He returned in Italy after the war.His first work as an animator was the short film I paladini di Francia, together with Giulio Gianini, in 1960.
He provided designs for the London Festival Ballet, the Chicago Opera House, the Vienna Staatsoper and the Glyndebourne Festiva, including several Mozart productions and Verdi's Macbeth produced by Michael Hadjimischev in 1972.
Luzzati was interested in tarot symbolism, which he used in scenographies for Fabrizio de André concerts in the 1990s.Wikipedia

Kjell Nupen - Norwegian contemporary artist

Kjell Nupen (September 5, 1955 – March 12, 2014) was a Norwegian contemporary artist.Kjell Nupen had his professional breakthrough very early. At just 17 years old, he was admitted to Statens Kunstakademi. Since he was believed to be 18, his admission caused some difficulties but he finally could start after being given an exemption. He experienced success early on, and at the age of just 19, his art was bought by Riksgalleriet, Nasjonalgalleriet and Norsk Kulturråd. His younger artistic years were coloured by radical political expressions influenced by the turbulent political times that existed in Europe. During his time in Düsseldorf he embraced the idea, so present at the academy, that art should mean something. (Paintings from this time: Situation (Ulrike M), from 1976 and Fargelagt idyll from 1979) This has resulted in a few symbols he has immersed himself in over the years, such as: The boat (endless journey), Car wrecks (Nature morte), Eagle in flight, Tree trunks (Homestead), Lighthouse (Sentimental journey), and the Munch moon (Homage to Edvard Munch).During the 1980s the people disappeared from his pictures and were replaced by motifs from nature. His later paintings are focused on themes such as quietness and belonging to or lack thereof. His references to Edvard Munch, Matisse, and Eadweard Muybridge can be seen in many of his paintings (Homage to E.M., Interiør, eksteriør and Flygende over vann) He became especially known for the colour Nupen blue. He died on March 12, 2014, from cancer at the age of 58.
Besides being a figurative painter he was a respected graphic artist. Most of his paper art is within etching, lithography and wood-block print. In this field he has worked as mentor for several other artists. His art can be found in museums and major art collections both in and outside Norway.Wikipedia

Tom Sandberg - Black and White Photography

Tom Sandberg 1953 - 2014 Born in Narvik, Norway"Since the 1970s Tom Sandberg has worked continuously with the black and white photograph in an uncompromising, poetic and seductive manner. With a diverse subject matter that includes classical studies of the female body, natural objects, land-scapes, people on the street, cloud formations, airplanes, cars and much more, Sandberg consequently masters to infuse his pictures with a strong sense of intensity and personal presence.Tom Sandberg explores the photograph as a language and he generally works with his subjects abstractly as well as formally and sculpturally."(nilsstaerk.dk)

Kjartan Slettemark - Self-portrait with Marilyn

Kjartan Slettemark (6 August 1932, Naustdal, Norway – 13 December 2008, Stockholm, Sweden) was a Norwegian-Swedish artist.He first made a name for himself as an artist with a collage he placed in front of the Parliament of Norway in 1965, titled "From a report from Vietnam: Children are splashed with napalm. Their skin is burnt into black wounds and they die." This work consists of, among other things, a red mouth, an American flag and the figure of a child. It was donated to the National Gallery in Oslo in 1982.He also produced passports (which resembled a Norwegian passport) for the fictional country Kjartanistan. Around 500 were made for persons interested in citizenship.In the mid-1960s Slettemark was a teacher at an art school in Stockholm, and he took Swedish citizenship in 1966. He fell out with the school's leadership when he refused to give his pupils marks. In order to solve the problem, he handed them little colourful drawings instead. He was consequently fired, and had to apply for financial support from the social security. However Stockholm's social services wanted it clarified whether Slettemark was an ordinary unemployed person, or a patient with a mental illness. Slettemark insisted that he was an artist, but was diagnosed borderline, and received a prescription for Hibernal (tablets for treatment of psychosis). Instead of taking the pills, Slettemark used them in his art. During the happening "Lecture in the art of falling", he balanced on a line in Stockholm, visualizing his three years of conflict with Swedish psychiatry. The photographer Brita Olsson took pictures of the happening.In the 1970s he worked on his "Nixon visions", travelling Europe with a photo of Nixon, equipped with Slettemark's hair and beard, in his passport. During this period, he also figured in a self-made poodle costume, after the inspector at Stockholm's social service had told Slettemark to report at hundmottagningen (the dog reception), instead of kundmottagningen (the customer reception). The pun is lost in English, but inspired Slettemark to spend half a year constructing the costume, complete with inlaid sound from a television jackpot programme. Slettemark only had to unscrew the costume's tail when he sat down in the tube.In 2003 Slettemark made "Self-portrait with Marilyn", an Andy Warhol-inspired collage series, staging himself as Marilyn Monroe. Another project of his was the introduction to Kjartanistan, a non-territorial state with planet Earth as capital city, and himself as prime minister.Wikipedia