Abstract expressionism Natalia Dumitresco

Natalia Dumitresco (born Natalia Dumitrescu; 1915 in Bucharest, Romania – 1997 in Chars, France) was a French-Romanian abstract painter associated with the Réalités Nouvelles salon of Paris after the Second World War, a movement influenced by the art of Wassily Kandinsky and Alberto Magnelli. Other abstract expressionist painters associated with the Réalités Nouvelles include Serge Poliakoff and Alexandre Istrati. Dumitresco later married Alexandre Istrati.
After a number of years working in black and white, she tackled the problem of colors, showing originality and a great freshness of colors in her compositions.
She and her husband are buried in the same grave with Constantin Brâncuși.Wikipedia


Conceptual art Roberto Chabet

Roberto "Bobby" Rodríguez Chabet (March 29, 1937 - April 30, 2013) was an artist from the Philippines and widely acknowledged as the father of Philippine conceptual art.
Chabet studied architecture at the University of Santo Tomas where he graduated in 1961. He had his first solo exhibition at the Luz Gallery in the same year. He was the founding museum director of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and served there as curator from 1967–1970. He initiated the first 13 Artists Awards, giving recognition to young artists whose works 'show a recentness, a turning away from the past and familiar modes of art-making'.
He led the 1970s conceptual art group called Shop 6 and taught for over 30 years at the UP College of Fine Arts, where he espoused an art practice that gave precedence to idea over form. Since the 1970s, he has been organizing landmark exhibitions featuring works by young artists.Chabet described his pieces as "creatures of memory" and himself as their "custodian." His works are the result of a process of unraveling of fixed notions about art and meaning. Highly allegorical, his drawings, collages, sculptures and installations question modernity. His works are meditations on space, the transitory nature of commonplace objects and the collisions that occur with their displacement.
Prolific and multifaceted, Chabet ventured into architecture, painting, printmaking, sculpture, stage designing, teaching, photography and writing.Wikipedia


Zbylut Grzywacz

Zbylut Grzywacz (June 4, 1939 – July 16, 2004) was a Polish painter, sculptor, graphic artist, and professor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków with paintings in permanent collections of the National Museum in Kraków, Warsaw, Poznań, Gdańsk and Wrocław. Grzywacz took part in over a hundred Polish and international art exhibits, with around 40 one-man shows to his credi.Grzywacz studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and received his Master’s degree in 1963 in Emil Krcha atelier. He worked at the Academy as a teaching assistant in the Department of Painting since 1972 and in 1991 became a professor there. Interned during the martial law of 1981 Grzywacz was an active supporter of the dissident movement in communist Poland before the Revolutions of 1989.Wikipedia
 Painting mostly nudes and erotic paintings. Zbylut Grzywacz described his creative path, writing about himself in the third person:
    (…) after two decades of paintings that which did not please him, he decided to paint what he was most fond of. Therefore, as all men his age, he admired young woman and the naked female body become the main focus of each painting. The result is numerous sketches, drawings and paintings that each have a unique description.(culture.pl)

Polish Painting Józef Hałas

"Prof. Józef Hałas (born 1927 - died 2015) painter and pedagogue, representative of Polish contemporary art. Since his first individual exhibition in 1955, he has participated in over 300 expositions in Poland and abroad. The artist who promoted his creative delight about the nature and  interpretation of her originality in a unique way. He left a powerful collections, of more than 2,500 works - oil paintings, acrylic works on canvas and papers in gouache technique, watercolor, ink, and the immensity of his work has never been sufficiently shown. The artist was open to the world, courageous and uncompromising, participated in art world by inducting dialogue and combating marginalization, but also working on audience development to who Hałas directed his writings on art. The last two years of his life he has sacrificed to creations of large formats (2 m x 2 m), those canvases are the continuations of revolutionary painting ideas of the artist. They were presented on the last in Józef Hałas life exhibitions “Hałas 14 Młodość” held in mia ART GALLERY in Wroclaw in December "(miaartgallery.com)


Stan Chaubet

I'm a french painter, 46 years old. I live on Provence on a small village since 6 years. I ve been travelling all my life long but now i ve decided to give the rest to the painting.
I guess that like others artists, i.m crazy and work night and day.