Milena Olesinska - Abstract Composition

Abstract Composition
oil painting on canvas 80cm x 60cm

For Sale : 700 USD 

Audry Mulab

Painting size: 1.5 m x2  1.5m x2
Techniques: Surrealism and Realism SR
Private Collection
Country: Zambia (lusaka)
Artist: Audry Mulaba
Price: 100.000 USD

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Maciej Józefowicz



500 Capp Street -Conceptual Art - David Ireland

David Kenneth Ireland (August 25, 1930 – May 17, 2009) was an American sculptor, conceptual artist and Minimalist architect.Born in Bellingham, Washington. He studied Printmaking and Industrial Arts at California College of Arts and Crafts, graduating in 1953 with his BFA. After college he attended US Army service. After leaving the Army Ireland traveled Europe extensively, working as an illustrator, and eventually traveled to Africa to lead safaris.It was not until his 40s that Ireland decided to dedicate himself to work as a full-time artist. He returned to the United States and returned to school, this time at the San Francisco Art Institute. Upon graduating from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1974, Ireland spent a year working in New York, before returning to settle in San Francisco.Upstairs hallway at 500 Capp St., with treated walls and other sculptural installationsIn 1975, Ireland purchased a victorian house built in 1886 from Paul John Greub, an accordion maker, for $50,000. The house is located at 500 Capp Street (20th Street and Capp Street) in the Mission District of San Francisco.In 1987 Ireland won the Adaline Kent award from San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI)."The safe gets away for the second time", part of 500 Capp St.
Ireland is most well known for creating site-specific installation art pieces; most notably, his former residence at 500 Capp Street in San Francisco, where his work is also shown at Gallery Paule Anglim. Moving between two and three dimensions within the same sculptures, Ireland explores concepts of scale and vision. Known for his wide range of materials, works are made from paint cans, phone books, metal, cement, wood and, even the skull of a water buffalo.
In 1999, Ireland collaborated with sound artist GX Jupitter-Larsen remixing and re-recording tapes from the audio archives of 500 Capp St. The outcome was released as a CD on Vinyl Communications.To accompany Ireland's first solo exhibition in London, Ridinghouse published David Ireland: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings. This catalogue features a selection of Ireland’s works from over four decades. An introduction to the work of this artist, this publication also includes an essay by Kenneth Baker, art critic of the San Francisco Chronicle.
One of his most prominent works Angel-Go-Round (1996) is in the permanent collection of di Rosa, Napa.In early 2016, the San Francisco Art Institute organized an exhibition of Ireland's work, in conjunction with the public opening of 500 Capp .Wikipedia


Antoni Tapies

"Antoni Tàpies was a Spanish artist known for his mixed-media paintings that incorporated marble dust, found objects, and resin as seen in his seminal work Grey and Green Painting (1957). Social themes run throughout his highly textured and tactile paintings, which were influenced by his experience of the politics and environment of the wartime and the postwar state of the Spanish government. “If one draws things in a manner which provides only the barest clue to their meaning, the viewer is forced to fill in the gaps by using his own imagination,” he reflected. “He is compelled to participate in the creative act, which I consider very important.” Born on December 13, 1923 in Barcelona, Spain, he originally studied law while pursuing art, he became a friend of his fellow Catalan Joan Miró who was an integral influence on Tàpies’s early Surrealist work. Incorporating the scrawling marks of Paul Klee, Tàpies joined the Art Informel movement, as his work turned toward the abstract and seemingly anticipated the Arte Povera movement. Over the several decades to follow, the artist became more nuanced in his choice of materials and attempted to convey the accidental marks of walls and graffiti. He died on February 6, 2012 in Barcelona, Spain. Today, his works are held in the Fundació Antoni Tàpies Museum in Barcelona, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tate Gallery in London, and the Reina Sofia National Museum in Madrid, among others."(

Corinne Michelle West - Action Painting - Abstract Expressionism

Corinne Michelle West (1908-1991) was an American Abstract Expressionist artist artist, who often painted under the name Michael Corinne West.  Born in Chicago, she attended the Cincinnati Art Academy and graduated in 1930.  She had her first solo show at the Rochester Art Club in 1936, around the same time she began going by Mikael to aid in her success.  In 1940, West adopted Michael, which she used in her everyday life as well as her painting.  In the late thirties she met Arshile Gorky, an early leader of the New York school.  They became close, and West became his muse.  They were probably lovers, but it is known that Gorky asked West to marry him several times, but she refused.  While some of her early work used figuration, West turned to pure abstraction before many of her contemporaries.  Her work demonstrates a profound understanding of the nature and effect of abstraction.  West occasionally used all black in her paintings, but most of her works are explosions of color.  Her later work demonstrates the same profound exploration of line and color.  The Wiz is a powerful work, that feels somewhat primal. There is an aggression that comes to mark some of West's paintings and this piece tends toward that energy, but does not feel angry, but rather ecstatically intense.  Using only primary colors, black, and white, West adds to that sense of primal urgency to create a very effective and beautiful painting.