Jon Schueler

Jon Schueler (September 12, 1916 – August 5, 1992), was an American painter.Schueler originally wanted to become a writer and, after acquiring his MA at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1940, he worked for a short time as a journalist. The Second World War interrupted his writing. From 1941 to 1944 he served as an Army Air Corps navigator and flew numerous missions in a B-17 Flying Fortress bomber out of Molesworth, England, over France and Germany.
After the war, he moved to San Francisco and taught English while he began attending the California School of Fine Arts where he studied with Edward Corbett,David Park, Hassel Smith, and Richard Diebenkorn. He chose Abstract Expressionism as his preferred style and moved to New York in 1951, where he became part of the New York School of artists. His first solo exhibition was in 1954, at the Stable Gallery.
Jon Schueler is represent by Ingleby Gallery worldwide.Wikipedia

"When I speak of nature, I speak of the sky, because the sky has become all of nature to me. But it is most particularly the brooding, storm-ridden sky over the Sound of Sleat in which I find the living image of past dreams, dreams which had emerged from memory and the swirl of paint. Here I can see the drama of nature charged and compressed. Lands form, seas disappear, worlds fragment, colors merge or give birth to burning shapes, mountain snows show emerald green. Or, for a long moment, life stops still when the gales pause and the sky clears after long days of careening sound and horizontal rain or snow."(

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