Exposition Art Blog: David van de Kop

David van de Kop

David Johannes van de Kop or David Vandekop (The Hague, November 3, 1937 - Dreischor, September 14, 1994) was a Dutch painter, draftsman and sculptor
Following his mentor Carel Visser, in his early work Van de Kop worked in steel in a constructivist style. He named this kind of work "framework conditions". In the 1970s he came into prominence with this work. He increasingly started to work with clay, from which he made large ceramic sculptures in bright colors. The great plasticity of clay gave him the opportunity to give more playful, more intuitive and more organic form. These works are usually made up of several parts, put together after baking became the bigger picture.
In later years, Van der Kop worked with more rough-cut wood and made "stacks" of different materials and debris, which he also colorfully painted. Sources of inspiration for him included the Greek mythology (Leda with the Swan, Danae, Eros, Dionysos), Magdalena and the Zeeland landscape.Wikipedia

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