Joanna Maria Rybczyńska

Joanna Maria Rybczyńska (1960 - 2014) - Polish artist, photographer and painter. He lives and works in Warsaw.
"In years 1979-1981 worked as an artist and graphic designer in the German Institute of Culture (currently Goethe Institute) in Warsaw / Poland /. In the 1980es worked also as an artist and graphic designer in the Old Town's House of Culture in Warsaw. From 1985 she put main focus on painting (easel painting, watercolour, pastel). In the late 1980s she started her photographic work. From the year 2003 she switched from analogue to digital photography. Currently she also takes pinhole photographs.
Since 2009, she has been serving as a Secretary of the Assotiation Of Authors Polish Republic's Photoclub.

 PAINTINGS: Her paintings could have been seen at individual exhibitions in Warsaw (Brama Gallery 2001, Brama Gallery 2002, Wisniowy Business Park 2002) and at prestigious International Exhibition of Contemporary European Pastel Painters EUROPASTEL (under patronage of UNESCO) in Italy (2002) and Russia (2003). Currently many works are in private collections in country and abroad (including Sweden, Austria, Germany, USA, Canada).
PHOTOGRAPHY: Photographs were exposed in Warsaw at an individual exhibitions ( Ochoty Theatre 2004, Van Golik Gallery 2009, Zapiecek Art Gallery 2009) and at many collective domestic exhibitions, and also abroad - at artistic photography salons under patronage of FIAP* and PSA** (USA, Argentine, Serbie, Canada, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Qatar, Australia, France, Turkey, China, South Africa).
In total, between years 2002-2010, she participated in 89 group and post-competition exhibitions, and has been awarded 31 prizes and distinctions (including PSA Gold Medal, two FIAP Gold Medals, AL-THANI Gold Medal, FSS Gold Medal, FIAP Bronze Medal)."(

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