Frank Savage

I am a London based artist/musician/engineer/ sculptor/writer/designer.
I love the work of Jean Miro / Picasso and all the greats also i love the works of the undiscovered lone artist, where there are untold gems of excellence to be found in every way. The joy of discovering a new artist is a great joy as they become a new focus of wonder and search.
Here are some of my efforts in pencil and stone. i am sure i was the first to use Celcom blocks back in the 70's and give them a real aesthetic and financial value. since then the medium has become popular kind of though i must add the medium is dangerous and carcinogenic if worked on without the proper masks and tools, tools and breathing devices i have developed myself over the years that should be employed should one decide to use them for any work.

It is an original PENCIL drawing size A2 by 
All pencils the images are of old pieces of mine

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