Exposition Art Blog: Ruben Galerme

Ruben Galerme

Email: rubengalerme@gmail.com

Phone:  15 6 457 9610
CABA Argentina.
Misty. Oil Painting on hardboard in 50 x 70 cm.,
Impressionist style.
Value: USD 2800.00.

Bariloche, center of sky.
Oil paint on canvas in 70 x 90 cm.
Value: USD 2700.00

Reflections of the pond with aquatic flowers.
homage to Claude Monet.
Impressionist decoration
made with oil paint on fiber panel in 97 x 70 cm. 
Value: prior consultation.

We praise at sunset.
Oil paint on fiberboard in 90 x 75 cm.
of impressionist technique made
Value: USD 2100.00

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