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Nancy Riedel

"My name is Nancy, I live and work in Nuremberg as a graphic designer for 12 years now. Even in my childhood I felt attracted to art and design. Last years were coined by digital graphic design. Drawing on paper disappeared bit by bit and so my desire for more „handicraft“ growed. In the beginning of 2017 I followed my un-explored interest, to create with spraycans and I dived deep into the world of graffiti. A white wall is not given anytime and anyplace and so I started to paint on hardboard with the result of the shown pictures. Mainly I work with a mix of spraycolor, acryl and stencils. Creating a picture takes me 100% into the focus of here and now. Art is a personal experience and the expression of love, which wants to flow into the world through me. I want to inspire and touch."

Here are the prices:
Ms. Booty 130 euro
Astronaut 150 euro
Guiliana 210 euro
Tattoogirl 210 euro
Heart/selfportrait "on request"

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