Exposition Art Blog: Impressionism Ruben Galerme

Impressionism Ruben Galerme

Email: rubengalerme@gmail.com

Phone:  15 6 457 9610
CABA Argentina.


Sun effect on fruit trees.
Oil paint on hardboard in 57 x 70 cm.
Impressionist style Value: USD 960.00

A bar in Recoleta, Bs.As ..
Oil Painting on hardboard in 50 x 70 cm.
Impressionist technique Value: USD 1100.00

Puerto Olivos.
Oil painting on canvas in 65 x 83 cm.
Impressionist style. Value: USD 2700.00

Willows and water flowers.
Impressionist decoration made in oil paint on fiberboard,
back-to-back frame in 105 x 100 cm.
Value: after consultation.

River and vegetation.
Oil painting on hardboard in 60 x 80 cm.,
Impressionist technique. Value: USD 1500.00

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