Watercolour painting Ignacio Barrios

Ignacio Barrios (March 10, 1930 – January 22, 2013) was a Mexican painter mostly known for his absolute commitment to watercolour painting.He earned the reputation of one of the top watercolour painters in his country of origin and possibly the most distinctive of them all.Even though the themes he depicts in his work are diverse, landscapes are perhaps his most celebrated works.
Barrios was born in the municipality of Mineral de Zacualpan, State of Mexico, Mexico, on March 10, 1930. He is the youngest of the five children of Eustolio Barrios Hernández - a local miner and farmer - and Isabel Prudencio Flores. Since his early childhood, Barrios was deeply fascinated with nature, which perhaps came to him from his father, who used to watch over the nearby forests and protect them against illegal logging every morning. And by doing so, he was also passing on to his son a true love and respect for the place where they lived. For several years, the Barrios made their living out of selling flowers and fruits which they collected around their plot. Barrios would then reflect all these memories through his paintings of still life and multicoloured flowers.

 Barrios began his work painting classical and academic landscapes. Critics admire how he has been able to move from costumbrismo, to impressionism, to surrealism. In recent years, he has occasionally put figurative art aside to seek semi-abstract creations. His work is mainly characterised by landscaping (both Mexican and international), urban environment, Art Marine, still life, human body, portraits, abstract and semi-abstract art. While his early work took him to a position of privilege amongst the most renowned landscapers, the aesthetic level he has reached in the development and reproduction of human figure is not less remarkable.

 From 1965 to 1981, his work was primarily notable for the use of gray and ochre tones that helped him find harmonious tonalities. Those were the years of Barrios' Europeanisation, since a large proportion of his artistic evolution as a painter took place in Europe. During the 80's, his work began to acquire a broader variety of colours which has advanced the expressive strength of his paintings.
Barrios' work is clearly apparent. His unique mastery of water and handling of humidity make his watercolour technique even more complex, and along with his wide impressionism traits, he has been able to, in his own words, "let water speak its own language."Wikipedia

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