Monumental Public Art Sculptures Tony Rosenthal

Bernard J. Rosenthal (August 9, 1914 - July 28, 2009),also known as Tony Rosenthal, was an American abstract sculptor.Tony Rosenthal was born August 9, 1914 in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago

 Best known for his Monumental Public Art Sculptures created over seven decades, Tony Rosenthal received his first Public Art Commission for a Figurative Sculpture for the 1939 World's Fair. Born Bernard Rosenthal, August 9, 1914, in Highland Park, Illinois, Tony Rosenthal passed away July 28, 2009, in Southampton, New York. While the Artist dedicated his life to Art; Rosenthal reluctantly attended Saturday Art classes at the insistence of his Mother, an Opera Singer, at the Chicago Art Institute, learning the craft of Sculpture, eventually becoming Studio Assistant. to Alexander Archipenko, the Modern Master.The 1960's were a significant turning point for Tony Rosenthal as he changed his Name from "Bernard Rosenthal" and abandoned Figurative Sculpture. Sam Kootz, Rosenthal's Art Dealer, who also represented Pablo Picasso, convinced Rosenthal to concentrate on creating Abstract Geometric Sculptures which won Rosenthal even wider acclaim. Sam Kootz also encouraged the Artist to use his nickname, "Tony", and since 1960, was professionally known and credited as Tony Rosenthal.(

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