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Frank Savage

Crucifixion and moment after "loving" Death~..mixed media Indian ink on A1 dahler board
I am  attempting to capture the transition between life and death! A strange category indeed, but i can assure you it is not a conscious effort, but a feeling i just have to follow..The questions it raises are more interesting, can and DO we love death when we enter its realm? How ridiculous life would be if the only purpose was to work toward a financiaL stability
Here, again, i have employed the Crucifixion as a vehicle to depict that moment AFTER life, asking the question, will we LOVE death when it approaches?
There is no soul, your a soul with a body

Moment when Love meets Death~ pencils by Frank Savage on A2 Canston Bristol 180 pound paper.
I have attempted to explore again, the moment following life, here Death is holding the savior, Christ, in her mysterious arms and surrounded by three figures the imp, the feminine, and the demon suggesting all is within the circle of life and heaven,
Death is beckoning a final message with the pointed forefinger that is echoed from the Christ's right hand and back at the observer...
I am waiting through him

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