Dechko Uzunov

Dechko Hristov Uzunov is a world-famous Bulgarian artist. He was born on February 22, 1899 in the town of Kazanlak. He studied painting in Munich (1922–1923), and graduated in art of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia in 1924. Later he was elected rector of the Sofia Fine Arts Academy. He was also head of the National Gallery of Arts in Sofia, and a few times reelected chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Artists. Dechko Uzunov was a member of the European Academy of Science and Arts. He won a lot of prizes and honours. Dechko Uzunov left incredibly rich work – some 13,000 works. He is one of the most renowned Bulgarian artists. He worked in all genres but mainly in portrait, figures and landscape painting. His most famous works include Varshitba (Threshing), Svetlina (Light), Detski Portret (Portrait of a Child), Moma (Lass), Prolet v Dobrudja (Spring in Dobrudja). Dechko Uzunov died on April 26, 1986 in Sofia. (

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